6 ways parents can help their children in neet and jee 2020 preparation

parents want their kids to be successful and strive hard to provide them with the best education possible. most of the parents in india want their kids to become an engineer or a doctor. for this, they pressurize their children to crack highly competitive entrance exams like neet and jee. every year, millions of students apply for these exams to realize the dreams of their parents, but only a few make it to the final list of qualified students. getting admission in india's top medical and engineering colleges by cracking neet and jee is not less than a battle for students, which they cannot win without the complete support of their parents.

in india, most of the parents pressurize their kids to score high marks in neet/jee. but they forget that by doing this, they are just making the journey more difficult and stressful for their kids. by taking a few right steps, parents can really help their kids in the preparation of neet or jee 2020. here are some easy tips by following which parents can help their child in neet/jee preparation.

1. help them choose the right learning platform
just getting your child admitted to a coaching institute is not enough for their success. you need to spend time on research, understanding your child's learning habits and availability of the neet/jee coaching options.

with the neet/jee going online from 2020, you cannot just get your child admitted in a traditional coaching institute and relax. you need to choose a coaching institute that prepares your child for the computer-based test format with not just the study material but with also right online tests. online neet/jee courses by aakash digital makes a perfect choice for you to make your kids digital ready.

2. be a part of their preparation
parents responsibility doesn't end by getting the child admitted to a coaching institute. though the children aiming to ace tough entrance exams like neet/jee are mature and understand their tasks well, parents still need to get involved in their preparation. to ensure that they prepare well for neet/jee 2020, you should regularly check their assignment, attendance in the class, progress, performance in the class tests and get feedback from their teachers. but this doesn't mean you keep running after your child all the time. you can keep a track of their performance even without letting them get to know about it by getting them enrolled in online neet/jee courses.

online neet/jee 2020 courses at aakash live help you stay in touch with the teachers and keep a track of your child's performance. from regular online parent-teacher meetings to separate dashboard for the parents where you can check how well is your child doing in the class, online neet/jee course makes it really easy for you to get involved in your child's preparation. you can regularly check the number of live interactive classes your child has attended and for how many hours.

3. encourage them to take mock tests
with the new computer-based neet/jee test format, you need to encourage your child to solve as many online tests as they can. it will help them get ready for the online format and boost their confidence for the final day. you can easily find a wide range of daily practice tests, mock tests, previous year papers and all india test series (aiats) on aakash itutor. the site provides complete test packages, which you can buy for your child to help them get ready for the online test format and ace the exam.

4. make sure that your kids revise syllabus regularly
revision is the key to success in any competitive entrance exam where students need to cover the vast syllabus in a limited time. with the changed exam schedule where jee and neet will now be conducted in january and february respectively instead of march and may, students are left with less time. if they regularly revise the syllabus, they will be less stressed a few days before the exams.

if your child finds it monotonous to go through the same books again and again, you can buy them neet/jee syllabus in the form of recorded video lectures. these videos not just boost your child's preparation of medical and engineering exam but will also make it easier for them to revise the concepts they find difficult to understand by reading them.

5. never compare
will you like it, if your child compares you with the parents of their friends? no, similarly your child also doesn't like it when you compare them with other kids. instead of comparing them with others, you should praise them for their talent and motivate them to do better. even though it is unintentional, the comparison leaves a strong impact on your child's mind and their self-esteem. you should avoid comparison in all possible ways.

6. encourage a healthy lifestyle
your child needs to have a healthy lifestyle to focus on their neet/jee 2020 preparation. from their eating habits to the number of hours they sleep, you need to take care of each and everything. encourage your child to focus on their health along with their exam preparation. incomplete sleep and improper diet will not only affect their concentration but will also cause different health issues, due to which your child's performance in the exam might get affected.

parents play a vital role in their child's success as they not just pay the money for the coaching but also provide the moral support. be it the selection of coaching institute or support as a friend, you should always be there with your child in their challenging time. neet/jee 2020 will bring new challenges with the revised exam pattern and only you can prepare your child to embrace those changes by supporting them in their preparation.

make their stressful time of neet/jee 2020 preparation a bit relaxed with your support.