CBSE to introduce changes for class 10 & 12 board paper patterns in 2020

seeing themselves as doctors serving the needy is the obvious dream for any science student in the country. one popular route to make the dream a reality is the national eligibility cum entrance test (neet 2020) governed by the national testing agency for selecting students for admission into various medical and dental courses like mbbs and bds.neet examination is considered to be one of the toughest examinations, but it can be easily cracked by implementing certain tips and tricks. here are few tips & tricks for you to crack the neet 2020:

know the syllabus
first things first, before starting your preparation for the exam, you should gather the complete information about the officially prescribed neet syllabus. then you can compare the exam syllabus with your board syllabus and you will have some extra time to concentrate on the syllabus which is not yet covered. you better not cover those topics which are not the part of the syllabus.

prepare a study schedule (make sure you stick to it too)
preparing a good time-table can make things easy for the exam preparations. make sure you do not include long hours of study period in your time-table. always include little intervals between the study hours. preparing according to the time-table will help you to cover the entire syllabus.

go beyond test books
test books help you understand the concepts better. but there is much beyond test book content that you may require to crack the neet. try referring the books which contain complete syllabus as prescribed by cbse. in order to score good marks, it is necessary to study ncert books along with books prescribed for neet preparation.

solve previous years question papers
as a part of your preparation include solving previous years question papers and sample paper in your preparation schedule. previous year question papers can help you to get familiar with the neet exam pattern, types of questions and their respective weightage.

turn your weakness to strength
you must focus on the topics you are weak in. sometimes it may happen that you are very strong in one subject and may be weak in others. you must work hard and try to solve the weaker topics by taking the help of your teacher, friends & parents. this will definitely help in overcoming the fear of your weakness effectively.

practice makes you perfect
you can practice for the main test with the help of various online mock tests. this mock test helps youadapt to the context of giving the exam and can help you big time in cracking the neet. mock test is available for each and every subject and also includes chapter wise topics. it will improve your skills, knowledge, performance and you wouldbe able to know your timing too.

do take care of your health too
as you prepare for the exams, you should also take care of your health. with a better health you can concentrate better in your preparation. avoid consumption of junk and oily foods and prefer healthy diet plans. meditateor practice yoga for improving concentration. with all the above being said, it all boils down to your commitment towards the exam preparation. commitment along with a right strategy can help you crack neet 2020.